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Responsible Beauty


Our Future

According to the world’s leading researchers, we have already depleted some two thirds of our world’s natural resources2. We have no choice but to slow down!

Our beauty choices can reflect our commitment to the environment when we choose products created with readily renewable resources, such as ethically-grown plant ingredients.

Not only do we protect the future when we choose 100% natural, but our bodies are being harmed by the constant barrage of chemical products we apply each day.

Your Skin

Consider the nicotine and hormone therapy patch products on the market. The medications on a patch pass directly through the skin and are absorbed into the bloodstream. If the substances that are part of a medical patch can be absorbed with ease, what about the ingredients in your skin care products?

The ingredients in a typical body product include phthalates, triclosans, parabens and musks1, all of which are harmful to our bodies. Every day we unknowingly treat our bodies to a toxic cocktail of destructive chemicals!

Keep your body safe and healthy by reading labels and researching the products you are placing on your skin. Choose natural products whenever possible– your body will thank you !